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Healthy Diet is a way to Start! - 2022 World Health Day.

by Kun Wong 19 Apr 2022

7th April, the World Health Day. We hosted a healthy eating lunch program, promoting healthy eating in the workplace. When thinking about the factors that affect work performance, food is usually one of the last considerations, especially for those of us struggling to keep up with emails, meetings and deadlines. Food has a direct impact to our productivity.

We encourage our teammates to go healthy to better their working day. So we try rewarding our team for putting in the extra time by ordering something highly nutritious. These days we’re spoilt for healthy food options, so there’s no excuse for defaulting to burger or french fries.
It can empower our teammates to take their new healthy habits and create a more balanced lifestyle. It’s also FUN! Encouraging them to share their favourite recipes and make suggestions.

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