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1.Do I need to register an account to place an order?
You can place an order as a visitor, but registered users can enjoy more convenience during the shopping process. If you have already registered, you do not need to re-enter your personal information every time during the checkout process (especially when buying popular products, the products may be sold out within a few minutes), saving unnecessary time. You can also check the order status and order records, and receive our weekly updates and notifications of special events.
  1. 下單後我的訂單將於何時生效?
  1. When will my order be available?
Your order will be available after your order is placed.
  1. 我的預訂商品將於何時到貨?
  1. When will my pre-order items arrived?
Your pre-order items will be arrived within around 2-3 weeks.
  1. 當我的訂單準備好後會有通知嗎?
  2. Will I be notified when my order is ready?
    Yes, we will notify you using the e-mail address associated with your order.
  3. 我可以選擇取貨地點嗎?
    5. Am I able to select my pick-up location?
    You can pick up in our store.
    Address : Room 206-7, Flat 2/F, Fu Ho Building, Yuen Long, New Territories, Hong Kong
  4. 我可以於什麼時間取貨?
    可於我們門市的營業時間內 1230-8pm
    6. What time can I pick up my order?
    BBG Store Hours 1230-8pm.
    If have any updates, please follow our instagram for the informations or contact us.
  5. 7. 我需要與多少天內取貨?
    7. How many days do I have to pick up my order?
    You have 3 months to pick up your order at our store. If you exceed the 3 months, an in-store associate will cancel your order and place your item(s) back into the store’s inventory. You may need to pay for the handling charges.